Dark Saturday


today is a dark day to remember. For simple minds could only see that Jesus was dead. A man innocent of any wrongdoings was punished the most cruel ways known at that time. he went as the lamb goes to the slaughterhouse…silently. Hearts must have been broken, stomachs void of any morsel, for the bread of life was no longer among them.

Heavenly Father, Your precious Son was hard at work that day! He had appointments to meet death and conquer it!! Battles were fought that dark Saturday. Battles that easily defeated the enemy and were won because He loves us!! He wanted to keep us close. Jesus who suffered and died, did everything that Friday and Saturday for us!! He loves us that much!! When it looked to us that the battle was lost, our King destroyed, He was actually annihilating darkness and filling eternity with His precious light! Just for His Chosen, His beloved!! Thank you God for such a precious blessing!! A blessing we do not deserve yet in Your goodness give to us freely, the opportunity to accept Your love and grace for all eternity!!

Lord may we accept this gift and share it with others! Let them know how incredible our Savior is!! Help us to share with others in a way that their hearts will recognize that they need THE SAVIOR. May we all spend some time with You silently this Saturday, filled with the Holy Spirit, reflecting on this precious day. May our joy and thankfulness be abundant as we prepare for Easter Sunday.


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