Holy Thursday Prayer

May we not be distracted by the world and remember Your sweet mercy and amazing love. Cause us oh Lord, Your people to fall on our faces. Lord so many are in desperate need of prayer right now!! I ask that you help us to remember to lift up our struggling brothers and sisters to You in our daily prayers. Alone our burdens are heavy, but when we lift them together, to bring them to Your glorious feet, they feel less…they are lighter. Our hearts are not in the dark alone. Your light shines brighter with community.

Oh mighty Father, this is the season we celebrate the miracle of the resurrection of Your blessed Son. Such an incredible series of events that changed the world forever. The gift was more than we deserve and quite often we forget just how incredibly blessed we are to have a redeemer who shed His precious blood so that we might live eternally.

Help us sweet Jesus, to always humble ourselves in all we do, to seek the face of God. That our actions will reveal our love for You in every aspect of our lives. Awaken our desire to serve You Lord!! May we serve You with joy in our hearts!! Having the knowledge of serving our ONE TRUE KING is such and honor! Lord Jesus, we adore You!! We are so thankful You have given us this day to wake up and fulfill the plans You have for us!! Thank You Lord!! Thank You!!

In Your Glorious Name we humbly pray,


Photo credit: Church of the Intercessor

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