Home School Conventions!!

Hello my friends!!

I am so glad to have time to sit down and catch up on my blog!!

I have been so blessed!!

I was asked to help out at the Great Home School Convention in Ontario

and the CHEA Convention in Pasadena!


We were here!

It was so awesome to get to talk to people about nutrition and healthy living!

Yes, I am a firm believer that Young Living Essential Oils are part of that healthy lifestyle.

This was a home school convention, so we were there sharing a Christian curriculum called Nutrition 101.


It is fabulous!

You can use this for high school health semester course, health for any grade actually, or just for personal growth in the importance of nutrition and your body.  You can find it here.

Inside the over 400 page book, there are recipes, activities, research, experiments, writing, art projects and more!

I have used the curriculum and love it, obviously, but I think if you are looking for a good Christian based nutrition course, this is the way to go. No I do not get paid if you do.

I did talk to people about Young Living too. I just think it is so amazing how God created plants that can be so beneficial to our physical bodies!  Then for humans to have the ability to turn these natural plants into essential oils to receive even more benefits is fantastic! Coolest of all is that people have been doing that since before Christ was born!! That being said, as the kids learn how your body works, it just seems right to show them how to reset your body in a way that God had planned as well. Our munchkins need to understand health starts with what you eat and is in every facet of our lives. For example, even what you put on your skin is important! Chemicals from lotions, toothpaste and hair care products go straight into your body through your pores and can do damage. They need to be aware! Young Living products are natural and pure. i encourage interested families that if their family is a member of Young Living, they go and see the farms where the oils are cultivated. See for themselves how pure and nontoxic these essential oils are.

This is my passion:

Teaching others how to live more naturally and why. Live the way God intended us to.

Needless to say, I did really enjoy getting to go to both conventions to share with others the importance of health,  Also, sharing an opportunity to purchase a curriculum that is biblically based and that would promote why living the healthy lifestyle is so mandatory.

The last day I was blessed by my friend, for helping her at the two conventions with a gift!


It’s an awesome book from a convention I could not attend!!

It is a magnificently wonderful gift!!

I love it!

I had so much fun!! I am feeling a little guilty for receiving a gift for doing something that I enjoy…but I will take the blessing happily receiving it!! Thank you!!

Were you at one of the conventions in Southern California this summer?

Did you happen by our table?

 Maybe we chit chatted? Let me know if you did!! That would be awesome!!

Have a blessed day friend!!


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