Morning Worship

035My Bible open, coffee brewed and steaming in a cup right next to me, the sun is just beginning to peek its light over the horizon. I sit and share a few precious moments with The Lord. The quiet house is so peaceful, but stuffy. I get up and open up the windows to let in some of the cooler air.  I pause and breathe in the crisp morning breeze. It fills me and I smile. Before returning to my Bible readings, I am captured by the song of a bird. So beautiful is its melody. That little bird God created, as soon as it sees the glory of the sun rising begins singing praises to The King. One singular bird, praising the most high with all his might. Moments later, more birds awaken and join in the joyful chorus. Not one of the birds singing the same tune, yet all together, they are melodious.  I am frozen to my spot thinking of the beautiful worship that is being delivered to my Savior right at that moment and how it must make Him feel. Silly as it sounds, I want to cry at the beauty of the short time I am blessed to be a part of.

Then as the world starts its day, vehicles begin zooming by, drowning out the sweet sounds of the little worshipers in the trees.  If you take a moment, you can still hear the birds in between the mechanical noises of the man made world. Is this the enemy’s way of us missing out on the daily praise nature has for God every time dawn breaks? Are we all so busy now, focused on what really does not matter that we are missing our morning worship of God?  The Lord blesses everyday with a beautiful new chance, a new day. There is worship provided by the birds. There is quiet to have a better conversation with our Father.

Lord, may I never be so busy as to not have time for You. May I be like the bird who at first light sings praise to You. You are my heart, my soul, my reason for everything. Jesus, may I not be drowned out like the songs of the birds by the world. May I be the song that someone is straining to hear and may that song lift Your name high! I love You so much Lord!

To you reading my thoughts, may your day be blessed my friend :)

Be a bird!


2 thoughts on “Morning Worship

  1. Thank you for this reminder that I should be like the birds, praising my Creator as soon as I wake up, and continue all day, regardless of circumstances.
    Also shared your post with Facebook friends. God’s continuing Blessings.

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