Morning Friend!

Good-Morning-Coffee-PinkToday is: Wednesday, May 13


Outside is: Beautiful. The sun is cracking over the horizon painting shades of soft tangerine into the cloud covered morning.


I can smell:My coffee and my diffuser filled with drops of lemongrass. The spring colored sky inspired me to have spring scents wafting through my home this morning.


In the oven for dinner: We are having enchiladas. It is such an easy go to meal for me. I am about to start a crazy busy day and I can make these bad boys with my eyes closed :)


What I have been thinking about:  I am getting a little sad that MOPS is over.  I did not realize how much I really have come to love the girls at my table. They each have their own reason for coming and their own areas of needed growth. I was so blessed to be their Seasoned Mom. I love how God showed me how important being a Titus woman is.  I know I was there to help these girls grow. I feel my heart grew so much just being with them all. I love that I was not limited to just the girls from my table too. Other tables had INSPIRATIONAL women that I have the blessed privilege to now call my friends. Fabulous, brave women gathered to fellowship in the name of The Lord. That is what we have done and will continue to do so fiercely!!


The project I am working on: My son’s USNCC Division needed someone to step up and help with paperwork…Can’t let myself get bored or have time to just veg on the couch right? I am starting with 10 cadets, keeping their paperwork and orders up to date. Its not that much of a mental task as much as busy work. :)


Mood today: I am ready to clean out un-needed stuff. I suppose that means I am in a declutter mood? Clear out my house and my mind of unnecessary things and peace will prevail :)


What I am reading: I have a little book that I am grabbing in small moments to read and it is called: Who Calls Me Beautiful? Finding Our True Image in the Mirror of God by Regina Franklin.  It is really good. I just finished the Beauty By The Book bible study with Rebecca and some friends. It is by Laurie Cole and you can find it at Priority Ministries. It just follows the same ideas, that God made you beautiful. After having a baby, women have body issues with the new shape of themselves. This is just an affirmation book that your body did something incredible, God created it to do something amazing and it did! We need to stop looking at the media version of touched up perfection and refer biblically to our body’s beauty.


School Stuff: I am getting excited for next year!! Rebecca is going a different route than her older brother and sister. She is still going to homeschool. She is just taking different classes and is really becoming her own person in the process. I love it!! Jr is still on the path of serving our country. So we are doing as much as we can on that front. Lots of history, language and physical service for him next year. Belle is keeping me looking for fun things to plan to do! This year I want to take her to see and do more. I know her heart is to serve, just like her big sister. I am going to find more ways we can do that together :) This is going to be an super interesting year!!


Picture to share: My new favorite vintage store had this lovely item for sale over the weekend. No we did not bring it home.019

Lions and tigers and bears!! OH MY!!

This girl keeps life fun!! Love her!!


Remember to take time to stop and enjoy your cup of coffee today!!

Have a blessed day my friend!!


2 thoughts on “Morning Friend!

  1. Imagine having that bear at your feet as you enjoy a coffee and a good book. Oh yah, if you happen to doze off, and then partly awaken, it may be a bit of a start. Sounds like family fun though. :)

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