For Those Dreading Mother’s Day

My friend wrote the most beautiful post the other day and I wanted to share it with you. It is heartfelt and loving. Her heart was so pure writing this. I am so blessed to be able to call her my friend. Here it is:

This post is for all the ladies who have are dreading Mother’s Day…My heart is heavy this morning for you. For the mamas who have lost a baby before they ever had a chance to be held, I am praying for you! For the mamas who may have decided motherhood came to early and regretted that choice, I pray for your healing. For the mamas who have lost a child and experienced the most heart breaking loss anyone can fathom, my heart is aching for you and I am praying for you! For the women who have tried everything and nothing is working and you want nothing more than to celebrate Mother’s Day, I am praying with you! For the women who have lost their moms, I am praying for your comfort. For the mamas who have placed their babies for adoption, you are a mama who laid down your life for your child and we praise you for your sacrificial choice and that you may experience a God given joy this Mother’s day. Or for those women who have prepared their hearts for a child, via adoption, and no longer have that opportunity or that child, I know you are suffering this Mother’s Day and I too grieve with you and pray for your comfort. As I write out these different mothers, I instantly have several that come to mind for each one. No I am not going to tag these friends on this post, but I know who you are and I am praying!!! But as much as I am aware of your hurt, your heavenly Father knows every hair on your head and storing your tears. He is near to your broken hearts and I pray that you find comfort in Him. I have been praying constantly and I will continue to do so as I know this weekend can be full of joy, their can also be a quiet sorrow among many. Love you ladies!


mothers day sadI am praying for these beautiful momma’s too.

Your hearts are precious and the Lord hears your cries and collects your tears.

All momma’s, those in wanting, those in waiting, those in suffering, those struggling, those who are being challenged, those who are full of joy, those who are old, those who are new, those who are scared, those who are courageous, those who are inspiring, those who are doing it alone, those who are angry, those who are sad, those who are strong, those who are bright with happiness, those who have many, those who have few or one, those who make it all look so easy and those who need to be lifted up, I pray you will shine for the Lord today. Show the world that God is in you! May He give you much joy today!


No matter how your day ends up,know that He loves you.




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