How Would I Pray?

I am guilty.
I admit it.

I love to pray, but there are times when I feel dry in my prayer life.

Days, sometimes weeks, that I feel like my prayers are just repetitious and the feeling behind them is flat. I still want the things I am praying for!! I just, don’t seem to have the power behind the prayer initiative anymore. It seems like nothing is getting done.  No matter how hard I pray, situations are still yucky and hard. The people I am praying for, or even myself, are still hurting or lost.   I know that God hears my prayers..just, sometimes…I think I get discouraged. I am waiting for the answer to my prayers my way and in my timing, but God ALWAYS has a better plan. I am just the pouting little daughter who then needs to remember that and suck it up!! God’s timing is always perfect!! Every time I look back at things, its true! God answers every prayer perfectly.

So what if today is the last day I can pray?

Every single morning that could be the truth.

I am not promised tomorrow.

So what if, today, is the last day I can pray? How would I pray?

Surface value: Lord Bless our country, for we are lost. Help the homeless. Help the needy, the orphans, the widows, the broken, the church…

Extended Church: Lord bless our children’s ministry, they have so much on their plate and they do such wonderful things for the children in our congregation. Please help them follow the path you have set for them. Lord bless my Pastors. May they be filled with the Holy Spirit as they write their sermons to help lead our congregation. I lift up our worship team to You Lord. They are fabulous! May they sing for Your glory and lead our church in joyful worship of you at this evenings service….

Friends: Lord, ___ needs you so much today. I pray for her strength and healing as she is fighting so hard in this trial that is before her. Give her strength and discernment as she battles the enemy on this journey. May she shine so vibrantly for You!! May others know how incredible You are by her actions Lord.  I also lift ____ up to you as this internal battle he is on is such a challenge for him. May he find strength in You today as he fights. May his armor be strong in the word. May his family and his faith become stronger in You as he goes through out this day fighting his demons. Lord, I lift him up to You now. May he be a strong man of God.  Lord Jesus, I also bring ___ & ____ to Your feet. They are so lost and need You so much. May something I do or say bring them closer to knowing You. May they turn from their fleshly, worldly ways and devote themselves to loving and worshiping You….

Family: My children’s future husbands and wife, Lord I lift them up to You. May they be blessed. May they get closer to You every day. May their parents be inspired by You and lead them on the path that will help them become the young men and woman You have created them to be. May I train up my children to be a blessing to them as well.  Lord, give them discernment in matters of this world. May they know the path You have for them and follow it. I pray that the word will be tatted into their innermost being. When they are in conflict or battles may Your word come to them clearly. May they hear the Holy Spirit directing their path and may they follow. Lord I ask for divine covering over my children. May they be encased in a “Jesus bubble”. May You always be their first thought and may they be able to deflect the negative arrows shot at them by the enemy because they are so in love with YOU…

Husband: I am so blessed Lord. You have given me the most fabulous husband. He is honest and true. He is the stability I need in this crazy world. He keeps me centered and gives me the opportunity to serve You often. He loves that I love You so much and encourages that. Lord I pray I am that and more for him too. I pray that I am the wife he needs me to be. Lord make me his helper. Help me submit to him in everything.  May I respect him in all he does and may I give him peace of mind.  May I be a reflection of love for You to him. Lord I ask you bless him in his workplace. May he shine for You and may others their know You through his actions and words.  Protect him on his travels Lord. Not only from others on the roads but also from the world that is out there seeking to destroy him and our marriage. May our marriage continue to be blessed. May we always put You first. May we grow together, stronger because of our love for You.  We love You Lord…

Myself: Lord fill me with the Holy Spirit. Less of me and more of You. Let me listen to the direction You are pointing me and may my hands and words be only of You.


When you feel this could be the last prayer,all of a sudden it seems like there is so much in your soul to say :)

I am full.

My heart is singing with praise for my King.

I will worship You all day my Savior.

Thank You for loving me.


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