Testing is Over…YAY!!!

Oh wow has life been crazy busy!!

We had testing. Our homeschool PSP does Terra Nova testing every year. Last week was our week to be testing :)

I had volunteered for hospitality. I love helping in the kitchens!! Something about serving in that aspect is just uplifting to me. I love to share love through good food. This was the perfect avenue to share that love.

The girls felt that testing was fairly easy.

Really, I know they have learned a ton this year. I hope it shows at least a little on paper though!! Ha ha ha!!

We also have yearbook pictures taken during that time too.

I only have a picture of the boy’s class. I was in the kitchen for the girls taking care of dishes and such.

Can’t wait to see how the professional picture turns out!!


I swear this is the smallest class!!  Still a group of some wonderful kiddos!!

I did take some time this past week to just get caught up with life.

I took so much stuff to the thrift store!! They were really happy to get all the items too. I filled the back of my van and had some boxes of stuff under the kids feet in the middle . It felt so good to purge out all the excess. I know my husband would love if I would purge more, but I will save that adventure for another weekend!

I also got to attend a really neat Make and Take event from my Young Living uplines. I went with my precious Rebecca :)


We were there with some great friends too!!

My two favorite Sarah’s and their daughters came and shared the fun with us. We made season salts, sachets, cleaning spray, bath and body scrub and the favorite of the girls was the chocolate cinnamon strawberries!

Everything had Young Living Essential Oils in them. Very cool!! I think I should post some of the stuff we made and how we made them later. We already have the oils and we love to make gifts, so to me this is a no brainer! I will share some of our creations when we make them :)

Just getting ready to get our weekend of crazy busy started soon too.

I hope you all have an amazingly blessed weekend with so much joy and love!!


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