Someone Lost Her Tooth

069My little angel lost her front tooth!!

Look at those incredible nails her sister painted for her to celebrate!!

She is so excited that she has finally lost a front tooth like so many of her friends already have, not to mention that she got a whole dollar for that shiny little chunk of calcium!!

I know I should be joyous with her but honestly it makes me a little sad.

Yes I am happy she is getting her “big girl teeth”  and that she is growing into such a beautiful Godly young lady. It is just that I know, as she ages, no matter how hard I try, she will be loosing a little bit more of her innocent love of life to the world. God has such wonderful plans for her I am sure. She has been a blessing to me from the day she was conceived and I am grateful that the Lord had given her to me to keep that innocence in my heart as she grows! To see the world through the eyes of a child, to see more good than bad, to be present in the moment not worrying about the future….childhood…something that now, is to fleeting, when it should be cherished, and held on to, for as long as possible.

Congratulations baby girl on your most recent step into a bigger world!!

God will be holding your hand the entire way…

and I will be there holding your other.


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