Morning Friend!

Good-Morning-Coffee-PinkToday is: Wednesday February 18


Outside is: FOGGY!!! I love it!! It has been in the 80’s lately and at least now it looks like February!!


I can smell:My diffuser puffing out Thieves to try and keep this family healthy!! So the cinnamon smell of the Thieves and my morning coffee…yummy!!


In the oven for dinner: We are having Crockpot Chicken!! I just filled the Crockpot with frozen chicken and sweet and sour sauce! I will add some pineapple later when I start the rice that I will put the chicken on :)


What I have been thinking about:  I am having a Young Living Class here at my home on Friday and I am feeling okay about it right at the moment, but I do have a tendency to stress on things like this. I want to be sure I can answer questions for people. I have a tendency to get nervous and then my brain goes into fog mode and I cant always pull up the information that I know is there!!! Just like school, tests always freaked me out even when I knew the answers. I am sure I will do fine though :)


The project I am working on: Still doing my practicum for my Raindrop Therapy. Love giving the blessings of the raindrops!! Next month I will start teaching raindrop and vitaflex…if people want to learn.


Mood today: I am pleasantly mellow at the moment. I still have that feeling that God is at work in something and I am going to be needed in it very soon, so my soul is preparing.


What I am reading: an interesting book about the “colors” of people. You can teach them according to their color group for better understanding. Some are more about helping others, so that is how you get them interested in a project. I read that others are about helping themselves make money, that was not a surprise, and how you need to come to them on a totally different level…interesting theory.

School Stuff: We are working on landforms right now. I am getting ready to build a volcano with the girls. This should be interesting!!


Picture to share: 073

It was my friend Jenny’s birthday yesterday and I made her this crazy amazing breakfast at MOPS!! We had Turkey rolls, yogurt with granola, fruit, egg and potato casserole and a cinnamon roll birthday “cake” complete with candle!! Rebecca even helped out making little bags of cotton candy for each of the girls!! (excuse my prayer notebook under my plate and keys on the table)


Hope your day is blessed friend!!



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