Dream Journey Workshop

Here is Kristen

January phone 012

She was the leader of our Dream Journey Workshop.

I went into this workshop completely feeling I knew what I was getting into. I was going to focus on finishing my CARE classes.

Well, I did just that but not exactly in the way I had planned.

Here is what she had us do.

We started with scripture and prayer. This is my friend Priscilla getting us started on our journey :)

January phone 014Then she gave us a stack of magazines to just start ripping pages out of as we felt the Lord called us to.

January phone 015Messy!!

Then she stopped us after like 20 minutes.

We then had to go back through the papers and cut out what stood out to us the most.

Here are some of my cut outs.

January phone 016Time was up.

We then had just a certain amount of time to take these cut outs and glue them into a book, a Dream Journal.

Here is the cover of mine.

January phone 017They end up something like this.

January phone 018 January phone 019Mine was not as light hearted as I thought originally I would produce.

We all then had to share our journals and get others input.

Mine was good, unexpected way I finished my front half, but really right on target!

Here are all of ours.

dream journal

Mine as I read it, says that I want to help people heal themselves. Illness should not limit you. I want to be the ray of light that brings them out of the darkness of their emotional or physical illness. My last page has a cross and words of affirmation I want others to feel. “Be powerful.” ” Be Strong.” “Be Inspired.” The final cover of my book says that I want to be witty and wise. I want my marriage strong. I want to be infused with the Lord.

Crazy how that is exactly where I want to be!!!

Just tore out pictures from random magazines. I don’t even own the magazines I was looking at! They were AARP, Time. BonAppetite, and Vogue.

God is amazing when you include Him in all you do.

Now all I have to do is finish the back of the book with ideas of how to achieve this :)

The sweetest  part of all this, is my friend Priscilla, who actually set this whole event up, had lovely gifts for all of us at the end.

January phone 023A NEW DIFFUSER!!

Mine had just broken too!!

Thank you Priscilla!!

It was such an insightful day!! I really had a great time learning about myself surrounded by friends!!

They are an interesting idea and I think I am going to try this with the kids.

Have a blessed day my friend!



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