Morning Friend!

Good-Morning-Coffee-PinkToday is: Saturday November 29


Outside is: Beautiful. The sun is cracking over the horizon painting shades of soft tangerine through the quiet blue of the leaving night.


I can smell:My coffee. Would not be a spectacular morning without it!!


In the oven for dinner: We are having friends over for dinner tonight!! So BBQ for dinner!! I will make some beans and maybe some potatoes to go with it!! I think some peach fizz for a snazzy drink to go with everything!!


What I have been thinking about:  I feel so blessed. I watch all the crazy on the news and I listen to my unsaved friends…they are freaked out about what is happening in our world. I admit, I don’t like it either, but I see it as God’s Word coming to pass. I see it as more proof that Jesus is coming back sooner rather than later. I know everyone who knows me, knows how in love with The Lord I am, but maybe I need to reach out to those who don’t know me…I pass out tracks but that must not be enough…Maybe I need to focus on my unsaved friends more. Bring more Jesus to them. CHRISTmas is the perfect time. I want us all to be praising The Lord together forever in heaven!! I do not want anyone left behind!! So as blessed as I am to know The Truth, I have been thinking of ways to share it with those I love and care about, that wont send them running away, but toward the arms of The Lord.


The project I am working on: My son’s USNCC Division is having a banquet next weekend and I am in charge of the 30 bags for the raffle items tickets. Fun project and it is freeing my brain from all the Chemistry I have running through my head lately!! I will post pictures when I finish :)


Mood today: I am pleasantly mellow at the moment. All this week actually, I have just been feeling that God is at work in something and I am going to be needed in it very soon, so my soul is preparing.


What I am reading: Chemistry. Aside from that I still am working on a few bible studies. That keeps me grounded, so that is perfect. God first, then the rest of the stuff comes second.


School Stuff: Kiddos, off for a few days!! Lucky them!!For me, the oils. I am learning so much about how God created them from the beginning to work so intricately! It is incredible!! For me it can be hard to process and accurately remember at first all the little details, but when I do, I am flabbergasted by the perfection that God just spoke into existence! Insane!! I love that my brain can barely fathom the incredible power, creativity and  brilliance of my perfect Creator!


Picture to share: My new favorite drink!! (After Coffee of course!!)

Theives home made teaThieves tea is my new addiction!!
Hot water
2-3 drops of Thieves
Organic honey to taste
Keeping me healthy and relaxed! Love it!!


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