The Most Incredible Artist Ever

Aug 4, 2014 068Is this not so amazingly beautiful?

I look outside and see such an incredible work my Creator has created!

How can people look at this and not believe in God?

Who else could have made such ever changing beauty?

It is perfect.


Isaiah 33:17

Your eyes will see the king in his beauty and view a land that stretches afar.


A little out of context, but still my heart still sees the King of all kings artistic works in this sky.

He is the first and most perfect artist.

His works are continuously magnificent!

When we try to capture His creative  essence in our own paintings, photography, writings and such, we seem to only get a glimmer of a moment of His phenomenal talent, if we are lucky.

His beauty is all around.

phone photos again 145In a moment He can change one alluring view of the heavens into another glorious image.

Our God is amazing.

He is the foundation of art.

He is the ultimate creator of all.


Such a stunning morning!

Thank you Lord for this moment you shared with me.

It was priceless to my heart, my soul and my prayers.


May the Lord bless you all today!


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