Jesus is Watching Always

Another adventure we had was on the freeway.


Driving on a busy Friday, a car cut me off, so I slowed down. I glance around as I am slowing and I see a motorcycle at my 3rd row on the passenger side. All of a sudden “BOOM!” and my van was broken. Sparks flying everywhere! The smell of burning rubber is overwhelming and smoke is coming up from the right passenger tire area. Some how I had enough mind to pull my big bad boy to the side of the freeway. My van could not stop! I slammed on the brakes so hard I thought my foot was going to go through the floorboards! I have no idea how I did it or how I avoided running over the man on the motorcycle that was right on the side of me! With God’s grace I made it to the emergency lane in one piece and came to an eventual stop. The motorcycle guy pulled over too and I jumped out and had to be sure he was alive. I have no idea how I missed hitting him. He had no idea either!! I had to physically touch him and be sure he was real and okay. Praise God he was!! He asked if I had a phone to call for help and when I said I did he left. Still amazed he was not hurt. So here we were stuck.

phone2 031I had Aimee and Belle with me.

Aimee could put her hand out the window and touch the wall.

I could put my arm out the window and touch a car going by.

How I jumped out to check on the motorcycle guy and not get hit is another amazing thing.

Okay so our car is lopsided, so I know this has something to do with our tire. I was a bit shakey and was not going back out there again! Called AAA and had the nicest tow truck driver come and serve us! He calmed Belle and Aimee with his humor but firmness that everything would be okay. Got them settled in the tow truck then we focused on the van. He had no idea how I even managed to control the van at all. The ball that holds the a frame to the tire had split and the bar had gone straight through my tire. No rot or corrosion broke the frame, just a straight split, like a samurai sword had just sliced through it. Pretty much no control on the right side of my van. Just to get the van up on the bed of the tow truck was grueling. He had me and him both pulling the steering wheel to the left to try and get the wheels straight. Dang hard!! Then the scraping noise to drag her up there…nails on a chalkboard…ugh. He said he had never seen one break like that and not roll. Again, thank you Jesus.

phone2 033Here she is up on the tow truck.


So he took me home and dropped the van off in the driveway.

We got some 2×4’s to put under her before he put her totally down because there is no way we could have even gotten a jack under her to change the tire otherwise.

Look at this mess.

phone2 035 phone2 036 phone2 037

Main thing I noticed, in the second picture, there is really not the damage there should have been. I saw the sparks. I smelled the rubber burning. I know just how many car lanes we skidded through. I heard the car dragging over the grates in the emergency lane, all 6 of them. There is not one bit of proof that any of that happened though. Even the parts underneath the van, why are they not all scratched and damaged? Shouldn’t they be torn up to some degree?  This a big and really heavy van. How is that possible?  God. That is the only answer I have. God brought me through that whole thing. So I praise Him with this story as He is the one that saved me and my girls. Thank you Jesus!! Thank you!!

So the story continues, one of our neighbors is in need of money right now and happens to be a mechanic. He is available to fix the van. He comes down, checks it out, the part is $80 and then his time. He really needed the extra money to feed his family that week. He had no idea how he was going to do it. He is not Christian but prayed. Amazing how the Lord works right? So here we are, broken van. He needs money and won’t take charity. Perfect!

Now had we rolled the van, it would have been totaled. We would not have needed him to fix anything. His kids might have been hungry that week. He does not do body work and if we had scraped up the under part of the van he could not have helped us with that…hmmmm…I see God all over this!! Amazing that I got to be a part of it!! Kind of a scary way to help out Jesus plan, but worth it.

Have a blessed and safe day friend!!



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