Something To Celebrate

So one of the things we have been up to was visiting family.

We got to visit with some of the kiddos cousins we have not seen in a while :)

We left for the long ride…with a “happy” attitude.

A few hours in the truck were not what the munchkins were looking forward to.

It was totally worth it though to see everybody!

Keeping in touch on facebook is good but seeing everyone in person is way better!!
phone2 046We got there in good time.  We got to see some of the Navy ships in the harbor and they were pretty impressive too.

phone2 049

We were celebrating my niece graduating from high school.


We also have 2 new grand nieces!!

Double Yay!!!

Lots to celebrate!!

phone2 057

Check out that cake!!!

phone2 065

Here is one of my beautiful new nieces!

phone2 073

Here is her big sis :)

phone2 080

We also celebrated another niece getting engaged!!!

So many happy things all at once!!

Love it!!

phone2 091 phone2 094

Our family is wonderful!!

(and pretty darn good looking!!)

Have a blessed day friend!!


2 thoughts on “Something To Celebrate

  1. The first picture cracks me up. That’s a real character you’ve got in the back seat there. Love the beautiful cake! What a beautiful family you have!

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