By J. Barrie Shepherd

This is a beautiful prayer that I had to share.

It is written by a student of the late John Baillie.

The book this is taken from is titled; Diary of Daily Prayer, second edition




In an age of miracles, O God,
when the horizons of the planets
are displayed in our morning newspapers,
and folk take routine walks in the vacuum of space,
in an age of miracles,
I come to you in search of a miracle.
I come because,
despite its spectacular achievements,
this is also the age of anxiety.
And I am deeply anxious.
I come because,
despite the mind-expanding times in which I live,
these are also times of confusion, loneliness,
and the loss of meaning.
And I am profoundly confused.
In these quiet morning moments,
speak to me of your own miracle,
the miracle of love.
here and now,
within me
the miracle of forgiveness,
of renewal,
of life out of death.
Set before my eyes
the entire miraculous spectrum of your creation,
the infinite majesty of your universe,
the fathomless mystery of your atom,
the boundless possibility of the human spirit.
Then send me forth this day,
to bear these miracles to the heart
of an otherwise spectacularly empty world

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