Today For Our Family…Hebrews 12:2



I know I have been missing here from my blog lately.

We have had so many important family things going on, that I have had no time to sit and write.

God is in control though and that is the most important part.

I have been blessed through these past few weeks, with getting to reestablish my Prayer Warrior status.

I do love that.

I love being able to pray for others. I enjoy getting to see the miraculous things God does in others lives, be they good or bad, but to then understand and see God ‘s plan unfold in front of me.

It is incredible how many people I know and love are under these heart wrenching, life changing or health related attacks. There is no other word for them other then “demonic”.

Yes, that bad.

I do feel honored that they have asked me to pray for  and with them to improve these issues.

I hope it means that they can see Christ in me!


We have had some happy moments too!

Michael Jr went to Camp Pendelton again…

066He was there for 3 days.

He looks like a man!

They had a competition with other divisions…

our division won nothing.

Oh well, I know they had a good time!

We picked him up on Mother’s day.

The whole battalion yelled out “Happy Mother’s Day!”

I cried.

Sappy, I know I am, but I loved it!

Then my son brought me this.

101Thank goodness I wear sunglasses!

I know my makeup was everywhere but on my eyes right then!!

We had state testing too.

Yes, we home school, but we are with a PSP.  Part of us being under the umbrella of a big private school is that we have to prove that our kiddos are actually learning!!

Ha ha ha!!

All of us moms in this group, we find lessons EVERYWHERE!! So much so that my son has been known to say ” Can’t we just do something for fun and NOT have to make it a lesson too!!”

So anyway, here is the first day of testing, sitting at a desk, in a classroom, with sharpened pencils and lunchbox on hand.

Processed with RookieThey hate it.

Its only 3 half days.

They even have their school pictures taken during testing days.

None of the kids really think its great. Not even seeing their friends every day is exciting. Actually all our kids have so much going on, they see each other all the time anyway!!

They did great on their testing though.

Just glad it is over!!

We did so much and I have no more time to blog!!

I will be back soon though.

I promise!!

Have a blessed weekend with  your family!!


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