Prayer Request

I received this “news flash ” from Open Doors yesterday. PLEASE pray for this brother over the next few days. His life is in danger. Pray he stays strong in his faith no matter what happens. Thank you!


Arabian Peninsula: Christian Faces Threatening Situation

Over a year ago Abbudin* had a dream in which Jesus appeared to him and promised; “come to me and I will give you rest.” With this promise in mind, the young man, who is in his twenties, started searching, communicated with Christians and gave his life to the Lord. He obtained a Bible and grew in his faith. When his Bible was found one day, several of his family members attacked him.

Abbudin’s father is an influential man in his society. When he found out about his son’s new-found faith, he forced him at gunpoint to say the shahada, the Islamic creed, so he would become a Muslim again.

For months Abuddin was controlled by his family, but slowly he gained some freedom. The believer felt terrible about having denied Jesus and his faith in Him. In contact with a Christian, Abbudin told him that his intention is to never deny his faith for a second time, not even at gunpoint.

Recently, when his family found out that he had not truly denied Jesus, but secretly still believed in Him, the family clamped down on his freedom again. Earlier this month the situation turned grim for Abbudin. Friends and family have sent him emails with videos of beheadings and other cruelties. Open Doors received these videos as well, but they are simply too horrible to share. The family recently expressed determination to “solve” this matter of shame for the family.

Will you please pray for Abbudin over the next few days?

Pray for wisdom for Abbudin and for protection for his life.
Pray that the Holy Spirit will give him courage and the right words when he is asked about his faith in Jesus.
Please pray for those Christians who are (were) in touch with him. Pray that contact will still be possible and that the Lord grants wisdom in what else can be done for him.

Open Doors cannot be specific about his country, but combined under the “Arabian Peninsula” are the countries of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait.

*Abbudin is not his real name


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