work boots

I am sure I have mentioned before, that I get up every morning and make my husband coffee, his lunch and such.

Have I ever mentioned that I clean and oil his work boots as well?

Well, I do.

I have done that for all the years of our marriage.

He comes home with the dust and grime of the day he had all over his boots.

014Him being in construction, that dust can some days be thick.

I know that I could just grab a damp rag, dust them off really quick and he would be thankful for that.

He truly would.

Instead, I get out the mink oil and after dusting his boots, rub the oil into the boot.

016I know the  benefits for the boot of me doing this,

but I know my husband takes pride in his appearance and softer, clean(er) work boots make him happy.

So I serve him, by gently treating his boots in the mornings to a buff and shine.


Yes they still look like work boots.

There is only so much you can do to make them look good.

Here is what you can’t see though,

how much love I send him every day I do this.

My husband knows that this is not my passion, to polish his work boots. Especially when I know that they are going to come back all beat up and dust covered again in 10-12 hours. He knows I do this because I love him. He is important to me.   The oils that I rub into the leather, help the boots become softer and more pliable the more I do this to them. This small task then makes his footwear more comfortable every day he wears them, working so hard for me and the kids.  The oils will help keep the filth and dust from sticking to his boots. They will be resisted for the most part. His boots will still have the grime of the day, but will fall off much easier once he is home.

So after my husband is mostly ready for work,

the coffee is prepared and waiting for us at the table,

his boots are polished and waiting to start his day.

We start our Bible readings, sipping coffee together, I can feel the oil residue still on my fingers.

Then as he prepares to leave I pray, that he be covered by the Lord, just like his boots with the oil.

May all the filth and evil of the day that surrounds my husband, not stick and be resisted.

So that before he returns to our home it can fall off

and be left out in the world where it belongs.

May he be so covered with the Word of God, that even in the harsh temperaments of those that surround him while he is away, that his heart will continue to soften even more in the ways of the Lord. May he shine for you God!


I know that it is not much, but I do it with my heart.

I rub the oil  into my hands just a little bit more.

Time to start my day.


2 thoughts on “work boots

  1. Can I love this any more? I don’t think so. I love your heart…and I love your beautiful sharing. Selfless love in the form of clean, oiled work boots. I could take a lesson from this for my own marriage, and maybe lots of women could. It’s simply lovely. Thank you! I’m so glad I read it.

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