Can I fix it?

030Yes I can!!!

The dryer decided to be my new challenge.

It thought that it could fake its death.

Ha! I am not afraid!!

I took that sucker apart checked and cleaned everything!

I do mean EVERYTHING!!!

Plugged it back into the wall and it still did not work.


$65 later the repair man came and said that one silly plastic cover was hindering my timer connections that turn on my dryer.

That took him 10 minutes from the front door entering, to collecting his money, after removing that one silly, little piece of plastic and leaving.

Here is that little sucker.

011Apparently, the wires that were separated by this attachment, now that they were older, had outgrown their need to be encased in plastic.

Now they needed to be free to the world, still stuck in their same spots, but without plastic supervision.

Are you kidding me????

My hear me roar moment just fizzled.

Oh well.

It was still cheaper than buying a new dryer.


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