Back to School Again

We started school again.

My kids wanted a longer break like the public school kids, but I know how much harder it will be to jump back in to the routine if we wait much longer.

I did mix it up a little.

My son, I sent him emails for some of his assignments, like vocabulary, Life and the Bible, and writing.

It was different and I think he enjoyed the “high tech”-ness his mother attempted.

Here is what I sent for vocab this week:

Jan 6-10

1. somat, corp                    body
a. somoatology                    the study of the body
(somat= body + ology=study of)
b. corporal                          pertaining to the body
(corpor, bod + al, relating to)
c. corpse                            a dead body- especially that of a human being.
(corp, body)

2. derm(at)                           skin
a. pachyderm                        Any of several large, thick skinned mammal…elephant.
(pachy, thick + derm, skin)
b. hypodermic                        relating to parts under the skin
(hypo, under + derm, skin + ic, relating to)
c. dermatology                        study of the functions and diseases of the skin
(dermat, skin + ology, study of)

3. cephal(o), cap                    head, brain
a. encephalitis                        inflammation of the brain
(encephal, brain + itis, inflammation)
b. captain                               one who commands, leads or guides others
(Latin- caput– head)
c.decapitate                            to cut off the head
(de, remove + caput, head)

4. hem(o)(a)(at)                        blood
a. hemophilia                            a blood-coagulation disorder
(hemo, blood + phil, affinity for + ia, condition)
b. hematology                         study of the blood and its diseases
(hemat, blood + ology, study of)
c. hematoma                            a localized swelling filled with blood
(hemat, blood + oma, tumor)

Shorter than usual assignment, but I am trying to jump back in positively and not overwhelming.

Rebecca, I have her baking in the mornings.

009(photo by Belle)

She loves it!

That puts her in a good mood for the rest of the day too.

Bonus for me is that we can work on home economics, eat something delicious for lunch or dinner snack and we have a happy Rebecca for the whole day!!

A friend got her a new set of decorating tips for icing. She was trying all of them out. These were chocolate cherry cupcakes with almond icing. They were scrumptious!!

She also made us meringue cookies. They got gobbled up so fast I did not even get a picture!

Today she has bible study in the morning,  so no yummy munchies till later.

Belle loves art, music and horses.

So I have her starting a report on horses right now.

She has been writing her spelling in rainbow colors and painting her writing assignments.

We talked about New Year Resolutions and these are hers…remember she is 6…


These are what she wants/is going to learn in 2014:

baking (by herself)

how to train dogs (because Lola has listening issues)

how to read (she is actually reading but wants to read better)

write poetry (like songwriters)

I thought she picked pretty well :)

Here is a cute little crafty she created all on her own.

021Give you a hint what we might be doing tomorrow???


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