We Helped!!

I know I mentioned that the kiddos make shoe boxes for the Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child program every year.

This year we  had the opportunity, more than once, to actually help at the warehouse!

So exciting!!

1129131010The first time I went was just with Michael Jr.

He and I met some really wonderful people.

I loved that we stopped and prayed over the boxes every so often.

The love that was first sent with each box, now was doubly blessed.

When the boxes are sent to Operation Christmas Child, it is assumed that these are perfect, each one special for one child. The boxes must be inspected to make sure they follow the guidelines before shipment (no melt-able candy, no perishables, no breakables, no weapons, ect.) Sometimes it was so hard to pull out a gift someone had donated to their box. All gifts pulled are replaced with something else, so no box is left missing something that was placed there. The little glass figurine a small child had painted was the hardest to take out. Knowing that it would shatter in the shipment did not make it any easier. It was sent to a child in need somewhere local though, that is the positive side I guess. It really was quite an honor though to look at all the love that was being sent overseas. The love that filled that warehouse was incredible. It was so special I took Aimee with me later that week!

1129131135Look at all the people!

Does that not just warm your heart?

Everyone is there donating hours of their precious Christmas time to make sure that children we will never meet will have a wonderful time celebrating the birth of our Lord.

The Christmas songs were playing.

People were focused, humming and happy in a freezing warehouse packing boxes of 14 shoeboxes to ship to Mongolia.

We got to hear testimony of the wonderful reception of these boxes from missionaries in the areas that have been shipped to before.

We learned how special and important sending something as simple as pencils in these boxes are. Never considered the fact that these kids can’t go to school without a pencil… something we take for granted here. Sending a pack or two of pencils could mean so much to these children and really make a difference in their future. Soap is a luxury never had for some of these kids. In one box I inspected,  young man of 13 or 14 will receive a small tool kit. It had screwdriver, small ratchet set and wrench that could be the start of a business for him! Some of the boxes had sewing kits for the girls so they might be able to create items for themselves or to sell. Wonderful ideas!! I was so inspired!!

The best part was that the kids were inspired too.

What a wonderful way to share the love of Jesus with others!

I think so far, this has been my favorite part of December.


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