Love when they think

“YOU are just trying to ruin Halloween for us aren’t you?”

That was what my son thought.

Not really though. It was just a simple lesson for the kiddoodlers.

I wanted to have them think.

What do we actually celebrate on October 31st?

I pulled up some pictures on the internet for a quick slide show with my mini-speech.

It all started as Samhain. A pagan holiday

photo credit: Lightgrid

Many wiccans believed that this was a great time to do magic with the spirits.

Then Pope Gregory the first tried to get rid of Samhain in 601 AD by telling his missionaries to change whatever the pagans worshiped. If they worshiped a tree, then consecrate the tree in Christ and allow its continued worship.

Now remember this is a mini lesson, so I am just giving tid bit information.

In Mexico and people from that area, celebrate the Day of the Dead.

File:Day of the dead at mexican cemetery 3.jpg

Thank you Wikimedia for this picture.

It is pretty much about celebrating those who have passed on. The adults are celebrated on one day and the children on another.  This celebration dates from pre-Columbian times. It is believed by many that this is the time when those who have passed away are allowed to return to earth to visit with their families and friends.

Creepy much?

Then there is Reformation Day that the Protestants celebrate.

Personally I think this is way better than celebrating Columbus day but that is another subject.

This holiday is based on Martin Luther or Ulrich Zwingli ,  these men and their fellow reformers made a huge and lasting impact on the way that evangelical Christians understand and approach Scripture. Remember Martin Luther hammering his 95 theses to the door of All Saint’s Church October 31, 1517. He is the guy who said that all of us have the right to study and read the Bible. He then translated the Bible out of latin into the language of the people, so that others could read the word of the Lord for themselves.

Okay, I admit, this holiday I kind of like.

Then I showed pictures to the kiddos of how halloween was in the 1970’s.

Remember picking these up at Sears, Fedco, Montgomery Wards or Zodys ?

They were not that expensive but it was a time to pretend to be someone you might want to be someday.

Frankenstein 1970  - 585

As I was looking at the pictures and the movies of the times and how they have changed with the kids, I really was not seeing anything that  was positive.

I remember having fun dressing up and getting candy from neighbors in my little plastic pumpkin head.

It was still actually pretty tame then when I pulled up today’s costumes…

640 × 360 –

Yes you can still find costumes that are not Miley, but there are more of them out there than the sweet ones. That is so sad to me. What is wrong with innocence?

Then seeing how the prices of the costumes has changed I just about flipped. The prices are ridiculous!

This is not just a time of dress up and fun like it is portrayed to us. The US spends more than $7 billion annual on Halloween and costumes are less than 1/3rd of that! Is that not insane??

So now I asked the kids what they thought we should do about Halloween.

Is it a happy and fun holiday??

Is it scarey?

Is it evil?

Is it needed?

Would it be better to just go out and buy 3 big bags of candy that we really don’t need and just eat it ourselves?


I read a good point over at Walking in High Cotton, about the children that come to the door now.

She says that she has seen (and I have too):

So what do my kids think?

After they all had to do their own research and write a paper, well Belle just had to tell us her thoughts.

I love what they came up with!!

This is all their own ideas.


 We should have our own Harvest party.

We are going to have a Harvest Hunt in the backyard. We will “harvest” all the candy from the backyard.

Ice cream sunday’s for dinner and cookie decorating contest!!

I will have to post pictures after our celebration!!


One thought on “Love when they think

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I think sometimes people think it’s too hard to explain things to kids and they will just keep fussing and fighting about it and it’s not worth it. But I find my kiddos are usually pretty bright about things when I take the time to give a little explanation and–like you wrote here–lead them to using their own logic with simple facts.

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