White Flies

We have a beautiful wall of ficus on the side of our house.

15 trees to be exact.

I love them.

They are so pretty!

Last week they came under attack by some horrible little creatures…white flies.

Look at what they are doing to my trees!

004It does not look like much from the picture does it?


Those are the little eggs they are laying every day on my leaves.

Here is what happens to my leaves every day from those little life suckers.

006That is just 2 days worth of leaves falling.

Nope it is not just fall.

That is the devastation these little white flies can do.

I have whole sections missing in my wall of ficus.


Check this out. I hung up a fly strip yesterday and this is what I found this morning.


It was covered in those little white flies.

We are trying the organic ways of getting rid of them right now.

That means oils and soaps…I am not seeing any real dent in the population of white flies though.

I may have to actually go to products that are man made.

The local garden center is seeing a ton of me lately.

I wish it was just for flower and herb purchases.


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