Dinner Tonight

I made “stew-oup”.

Everyone has been a bit under the weather over here. My Rebecca got it worst of all. Poor thing just felt miserable.

So I pulled out my bone broth determined to make her better the healthy way with soup.

I pulled out the frozen bone broth and defrosted it.

I added left over chicken, sausage, corn, bell peppers from the garden, and a cup of rice.

I put it on the stove in my soup pot to warm for dinner and to make the house smell delicious.

I asked the kiddos to keep an eye on it and stir it every so often while I ran out to do an errand with my husband.

Rebecca called about 20 minutes after I left.

“Mom? I thought you said this was soup that Aimee and I are watching?”

“It is…” I replied.

“I hope you are almost home then, because this does not look like soup.”

5 minutes later I walked in the door and this is what I found.


I apparently added more than a cup of rice.


It was more like stew…but it tasted really good!!

I actually think I might make this again, but on purpose this time!!

Ha ha ha!!

Let’s just hope it kicks this bug out of our happy home!!


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