So Proud

Reg to vote.jpegSo proud of this picture.

My girl, registered to vote and signed her first petition!

This is what being 18 is all about!

Her voice will be heard!

I know many of her friends do not think this is important. I guess they slept through their government class.

Here is the information on the first petition she signed.

It is to repeal AB1266.

Privacy for all Students

You can go to the Fliers and Resources section and scroll down to Info and Resources .

There you will find specific information about the legislation that was signed into law August 12 here in California with no input from the people.

I am completely summing this up, pretty much if you feel you are of the opposite sex, even for the moment,  you may use their bathroom or locker room at your discretion. It was put together to make it easier for the transgender to feel at ease. This law was not thought through before passing it. Instead it is pervert friendly. In local colleges it has already caused problems. Men entering into locker rooms just hanging out watching the ladies change. They may not be escorted out because they are “considering” a sex change. This was at the college level. What will happen when it happens in elementary,  Jr High or High school with our girls, boys, grandkids, nieces, nephews, ect.? How about instead if transgenders need special space, a single restroom, like the teachers have. This can prove bad for the transgender kids too. No child should be in a position that a pervert has the upper hand and easy access to them. This is just a bad law and I am so proud that my daughter’s first petition to sign was to repeal this law.

We raised our daughter right!!


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