My Son Studies Reptiles

My son has been infatuated with lizards from day one.

When he was little it started out with hunting them down in the garden and just holding them all day.

He had lizard things all over his room.

He just really enjoys lizards.

Here is the beauty of home educating my child.

He loves them and this is now his elective class


He went to a reptile expo already…

reptile-coupon-300x127That was amazing!!

Love all the vendors that show up and share their reptiles!!

Food (for the reptiles) is cheaper too!!


Then he got to go to a reptile zoo

ReptileZoo…Look how big that snake is!!!
Oh my gosh this place was great too!!

They have snakes, iguanas, big turtles, little turtles, tarantulas, and lots of things that I have never even heard of before. They had alligators in the back of the zoo! It was really safe how they had them set up so you could see them up close (plexiglass) and not get hurt.

They had tons of turtles, big ones there too!

There were all sorts of reptiles there and a small store too.

The best part was the people that work there are so into teaching you about all the reptiles they have there. They don’t just know the bare minimum information either, they really had good information about where the reptiles originated from, what they eat, who is endangered, why regular people should not own some reptiles, ect.

He learned so much there!!!

Love it!!

He has started reading books and doing reports on different types of lizards.

He is cataloging his own lizards.

Here are some of them:

130 133 140 152 013 026 027 032 043The last one is his newest.

Oh yeah, he got into snakes too.

Not my favorite pet.

He is pretty good at this whole lizard learning thing.

One of the few classes HE will ASK to study!!

He WANTS to learn this stuff.

I love that he wants to!

This was the boy that was ready to drop out of school in 4th grade when he went to public school, and in 5th grade they were ready to let him.

Thank you God for helping me  step out in faith and jump in with both feet into homeschooling.

My son is doing so much better now.

Nope its not me just saying it either.

He gets state tested every year through our PSP.

He is right on grade level now…and WANTS to LEARN!!!

Homeschool has been a blessing to us.

Reptiles are a blessing to study!

God made the wild animals according to their kinds
the livestock according to their kinds,
and all the creatures that move along the ground according to their kinds.
And God saw that it was good.

Genesis 1:24-26


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