Getting A Late Start Today

It was the first real rain of the season today.

Our family tradition is that on the day of the first rain we stay in our jammies or sweats all day.

Then we start with cocoa in front of the fireplace.

Maybe a movie later and soup for lunch.

Love all that!!

So we all sat in front of our big window to watch the rain come down for a few before we started for the day.

Cuddled with the new puppy after her first adventure in the rain.

It was so beautiful.

The clouds and the sound of the rain are so soothing.

Okay kids, lets open our Bible to….


0926130752…never mind. Let’s pray for the driver in our neighbors wall.

040 034Oh my.

The driver was okay, just embarrassed.

All that damage to the wall and the truck just had a bumped bumper, broken side view mirror and broken drivers side window.

Our poor neighbors.

So glad it was in the morning though instead of the afternoon when their kids are playing in the backyard.

Could have been tragic then.


Slow down in the rain!!


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