Jay Smith ~ Why Muslims need Jesus Christ of the Bible


Jay Smith was at our church recently and gave us an amazing lecture.

I have the Vimeo link right here so you can watch/listen to the teaching if you so choose.

He is a very intelligent man who spoke to us about the Muslim religion and the difference between their teachings and the teachings of Jesus in the Holy Bible.

This is not a sermon to hurt anyone in the Muslim faith.

Jay Smith gives an understanding to both the Christian and the Muslim about their most loved books, the Bible and the Quran. This was a very interesting 1 hour sermon, yes it is long, but it is filled with information. Please take one morning with a cup of coffee, tea, cocoa or whatever makes your day brighter, and just listen to the teaching…I thought it was worth sharing. I learned so much. I learned that the Quran is only written in Arabic and only 15% of Muslims can read Arabic. Muslims do not like  Christians (those who are lead astray) or Jews (those who cause anger). Muslims think Christians are wrong to believe that God walked the earth, that we do not limit His power to just heavenly things.  These are just a few things covered in this teaching. It is really interesting.

See what you think.


Why Muslims Need Jesus Christ Of The Bible from Calvary Chino Hills on Vimeo.




2 thoughts on “Jay Smith ~ Why Muslims need Jesus Christ of the Bible

    • So glad you want to see it!! It is really interesting :) If you click the “Why Muslims Need Jesus Christ of the Bible on the bottom it should take you to the Vimeo page. It has a picture of a lightbulb with the title Jay Smith over it. If it is not working, cut and paste this: https://vimeo.com/73863393 and it will take you there. Hope you enjoy it too :)

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