Harvest 2013

This year rocked!!

It was Belle’s first Harvest.

She was a little nervous and waiting in the hot sun was not her idea of a good time.

first Harvest Concert!! 006

Thank goodness Air1 had some fun stuff for her to do while we waited.

Look at the cool “tatoo’s” we got while we waited.

first Harvest Concert!! 003first Harvest Concert!! 004Then they finally let us in and Belle was getting excited!!

first Harvest Concert!! 013We got to see Colton Dixon…

first Harvest Concert!! 022first Harvest Concert!! 023He was great!!!

It was so cool that he had his sister come up and sing with him on his last song too.

He is awesome!!

Then it was time for the reason we brought Belle…

her favorite singer…

Toby Mac!!!

first Harvest Concert!! 027She is so cute she was praising while he sang!!

first Harvest Concert!! 026Love it!!

28,ooo people were there with us!!

first Harvest Concert!! 0182,697 made the decision to either rededicate themselves to the Lord that night or become Christian!!

What an amazing thing to share with your children!!

It was so special.

At the end of that weekend

105,000 people attended the event


9,638 people made the decision to follow the Lord.

Praise God!!


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