Been on Vacation!!! Part 2

Park City here we come!!

I swear all of Utah is under construction.

This is what the 15 freeway looks like.

Utah vacation 2013 043Then there was more construction.

Utah vacation 2013 046Just tons of construction on the roads.

Great for our economy that is for sure.

Keep those construction workers employed!!

There were tons of beautiful things to see away from the 15. The land there is spectacular.

Utah vacation 2013 049 Utah vacation 2013 085 Utah vacation 2013 074 Utah vacation 2013 064God is all over this country.

Just beautiful.

So we pulled up to the place we were to stay for our adventure.

Utah vacation 2013 105Oh my!!

So lovely!!

Here is the view from our room.

Utah vacation 2013 091Utah vacation 2013 090Sweet!!

There are fire pits down there where my hubby and I had coffee in the mornings too.

We had bbq’s to the right that we used for dinner one of the evenings we were there also.

Here is the area near the kids entertainment, movie theater, gym and pool tables.

Utah vacation 2013 097Michael Jr was in a Call of Duty competition and won first place!!

Becca made some amazing hair bows.

Belle loved the pools and spas.

Aimee and I loved Main Street.

Utah vacation 2013 120Utah vacation 2013 121 Utah vacation 2013 126 Utah vacation 2013 144 Utah vacation 2013 127Utah vacation 2013 124 Utah vacation 2013 154Nice huh?

So while the boys were zip lining down the mountain (way to scarey for us girls)

Belle did the trampoline.

Utah vacation 2013 196She waited patiently for her turn….

I will post her pictures tomorrow.

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