Been on Vacation!!! Part 1

We have been gone for a bit…just if you were wondering what had become of me.

We took the kiddos out on a vacation!!

That is not something we do very often either.

So we got in as much as we could in a short period of time.

Here was our first stop…bathroom break…place to stretch our legs.

Utah vacation 2013 008Not my favorite spot to stop, but it was convenient.

The next stop was really HOT and I mean temperature wise!!

Yes, that is the Hoover Dam!!

Utah vacation 2013 012We took the main tour there and saw the inside of the dam.

It was interesting but I think we liked the views from the outside the best.

 I looked all over for the spot from the movie Fool’s Rush In, where Isa throws a coin over the dam and makes a wish.

It was a line in the middle of the road in the movie.

Not there in real life.

Here is what they have.

Utah vacation 2013 016

This is it.

Oh well, I took a picture of one kiddo in Nevada and one in Arizona anyway.

Utah vacation 2013 015Then I was melting in the heat.

This could be why…

Utah vacation 2013 018Why did we leave California while the weather was in the 80’s?

Wow, that is some heat!!

The heat tuckered all of us so we headed off to our next stop,

St. George, Utah.

Utah vacation 2013 035St. George is beautiful but it is hot too!!

The people there are so gracious.

They are kind and pleasant. I see why people want to live there.

Even the Taco Bell we went to was nice!

Our hotel was Clarion Suites and I recommend them to everyone!!

Clean rooms, nice pool area,  service is spectacular…

The breakfast they serve is over the top!!

Really nice place to stay for a few days…

then off to Park City!

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