Belle is Learning to Cook

Here is the recipe Belle just learned in her new cooking class.


She used:

pasta sauce (home made!!)

English muffins

Meat (optional)


grated cheese.

First, she split the English muffins and covered them with pasta sauce.

035Then she put grated cheese and meat ( if you want it) on top.


So our family is finicky.

Some of us don’t like meat, some don’t like pasta sauce… so we made extra work for the little chef.


She did not seem to mind though.

039So then she had me put them in the oven at 350 for 20 minutes,



Mini Pizza!!

I totally remember making these back in the early 80’s.

Oh and remember making this on french bread?

Love that my little one is learning this skill from someone other than me.

I am having all sorts of flashbacks in cooking!!

So proud that Belle loves this class and is loving coming home and trying out the recipes on us!!

Way to go little one!!

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