My Boy Graduated!!!

bootcamp 013Hoorah Bravo Company!!

They looked so amazing!!

My son and his company just graduated at

Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendelton
from United States Sea Cadet Corps boot camp!!

I am so proud of him!!!

I have never hugged my son so hard or long before!!

2 whole weeks I have not been able to be in contact with him.

That was so hard!!!

That made today even more sweet!!

bootcamp 070He is E2 Seaman’s Apprentice officially!!

He is so proud of himself as well he should be.

He has just accomplished something that not many young men have done.

bootcamp 079

We all missed him so much!!

bootcamp 088The girls made a cute welcome home for him.

Becca made him a little concession stand and had a movie night all planned for him to just sit back with us and relax.

bootcamp 090She had bags of popcorn, drinks, chips, candy all lined up.

First we had him change into his new NAVY shirt then had to hit him with tradition…

bootcamp 116Welcome home Cadet!!

We stayed with him, hugging him all day long!!

bootcamp 140We really missed you son


So proud of you and all you have achieved.

You are quite the young MAN.

bootcamp 047Hooyah Sailor!

Semper Fi!


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