My Garden Grows!!

In my dreams, I have land to plant a big enough garden to feed my family.

Reality is that my backyard is for the kids to play in and just big enough for that.

So I plant my garden where I can.


Silly I know, but it always makes me so happy to see just a few fruits and veggies end up on our table that came from our garden.

This is what is doing well this year.

001 002 003 004 005 006 007

Each one of those pictures is a different bunch of grapes!!

We have only ever had just one bunch.

We have a ton this year!! They taste good too!!

Just waiting for them all to turn purple!!


You can see it just thriving next to our orange tree.

It has tons of oranges on it too!!


My pepper plant is green….

hoping that means peppers will bud soon?

Down here are the green beans.

010 011

Grasshoppers found the leaves good.

Taking that as a sign these are gonna be the best beans ever!!


Have some pretty flowers too.

013 014

My little apple tree is getting heavy with fruit.

015 016

Mixed in my flower beds I have strawberries that are bursting with color and sweetness.

017 018 019

My little rosemary is letting in a few weeds, but still looks good.


My tomato seeds finally sprouted.

It was our first time drying seeds and I was not sure they would grow.

Happily they did!


Our carrot seeds sprouted too.


Michael Jr planted a loquat seed and we have a small tree a few years later.

Still waiting for fruit from it though.


I have one red tomato and one green already!!


A few corn stalks are growing great in a pot.025 026

Last my blueberry bush.

Planted it last year and got like 15 blueberries.

The nursery said to plant it in a pot and it would to better.


I have 3 blueberries.028

The season has just started though.

Oh my onions and garlic I just harvested and they are delicious!!

I think I will plant more of them!

I love having a garden!!

“Build houses and live in them; plant gardens and eat their produce.”

Jeremiah 29:5


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