Sweet Friend Debbie, This Is For You…

Wanted to share this.
I just read from Charles Spurgeon
“Beside Still Waters: Words of Comfort for the Soul.” Titled ” I Know Their Sorrows”
“If you are in the dark, if your spirits are sunk in gloom, do not despair, for the Lord Jesus was there. If you have fallen into misery, don’t give up, because the Father’s well beloved passed through denser darkness. Believing soul, if you are in the dark you are near the King’s cellars, where the well refined wines are on the lees are stored.(Isaiah 25:6) You are in the Lord’s Pavillion, and you may speak with Him. You will not find Jesus Christ in the showy tents of pride or in the filthy haunts of wickedness. It is in the house of mourning (Ecclesisstes 7:4) that you meet the Man of sorrows. (Isaiah 53:3). He is never absent when the penitent sits in darkness and expresses deep sorrow over his faults. Yes, Lord, in hours of gloom, when shadows fill my room, when pain breaths forth it’s groans, then Thou art near. If you are under a cloud, seek your Lord. Stand still in your deep sorrow and say, “Dear Lord, the preacher tells me that Your cross once stood in darkness like this. Oh, Jesus, hear me!” He will respond. The Lord will look out of the pillar of cloud and shed a light on you. He is no stranger to heart break. ” I know their sorrows, “said the Lord to Moses. (Exodus 3:7) Trust Him, and He will bring you out of the gloomy wilderness into the land of rest. May God help you lean on Him.




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