Graduation weekend :)

My eldest had her graduation party this weekend.

It turned out pretty good.

 Here is how we set up all our decorations…

Belle made  the birdhouse. Aimee loves the babys breath (keeps to the theme too), and the candies in the dishes I made for $2  remember??

Graduation Party 106 

The gate all pained with the 2013 banner Becca made.

I have 20 peach roses, the vintage punchbowl and glasses, old fashion pink and white striped straws…

There is a beautiful cross down on the bottom of the gate, that one goes on my cross wall after all this :)

Graduation Party 108 

Here are the little flags Becca and I made.004 007Then we set up the tables.

Graduation Party 131After our taco man came, we set up the rest of the food.

Graduation Party 1273 kinds of cookies, nachos, a veggie plate…

Graduation Party 128…fresh fruit, salad…

Graduation Party 089 Graduation Party 093 Graduation Party 095…and tons of cupcakes!!

I made the cupcakes and Becca decorated them.

She did an INCREDIBLE job in my opinion!!

My niece is a professional cake decorator and she was impressed too :)

We made chocolate cupcakes with raspberry icing, spice cupcakes with vanilla icing and gluten free vanilla cupcakes with strawberry icing.

We had family and  friend family show up and shower Aimee with love and blessings.

Graduation Party 147 Graduation Party 156 Graduation Party 163 Graduation Party 168 Graduation Party 179 Graduation Party 209 Graduation Party 213Then Aimee got a blessing from Daddy in front of everyone.

It made her cry happy tears, so I did not post those pictures.

It was a beautiful blessing though.

Then we toasted her future with Martinelli’s before all her cousins and her besties covered her in silly string!!

No picture of that either. Tears, puffy eyes and covered in silly string, Aimee would be mortified!

She received many wonderful gifts that night.

She was even surprised by her favorite uncle and aunt driving 12 hours to be there!!

What a gift!!

050They drove back home the next day because they both had to be at work on Monday.

That is love :)

So my girl is all graduated.


I am comforted though knowing that the Lord has amazing plans for this girl.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11

IMG_7953CBlessings to your future my daughter.

I love you.


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