Morning Friend

Good-Morning-Coffee-PinkToday: is Thursday June 6


Outside is : cloudy and cool. June gloom is here.


I can smell: the bone broth I have cooking in the crockpot.


In the oven for dinner:  I have homemade taquitos planned. Kind of have a want for lasagna though…


What I have been thinking about: On my mind lately has been how fast time goes by. My oldest just graduated from high school this week. My son started high school. My middle daughter just went to a “Welcome to Jr High” party last night and Belle just started 1st grade.  Wow. Then last night while I was helping babysit 9 month old twins with my oldest it hit my heart. This will be us, but with her babies eventually. Talk about full circle.  My little girl I was cuddling and rocking to sleep what seems like yesterday is now a high school graduate starting her own business. I want to tell all mommas and daddies to just keep each  moment precious.  It is all a gift. Hold them close. Turn off the TV and play with them while they will have you.  Cherish every moment and love them with your whole heart, never hold back. It all goes way to fast.


The project I am working on: the graduation bbq.  I did find some time to make myself a new apron though!! I had no pattern just a picture and it turned out pretty good!! I impressed my own happy self!!


Mood today: indulging  in reminiscence…memories are flooding my mind today…all good ones :)


What I am reading: Forever the Bible, that is my book. I have just finished Captivating and Every Man’s Battle. Wow was that some powerful reading!!! I recommend both books to everyone. Every Man’s Battle is really intense. I could not read it all at once. I had to take it in doses.  I think all women should read it though.  It is about how hard it is for men in this day and age. There is soft porn everywhere and how ALL men have to deal with it daily. The men you would think have no problem like Pastors, grandfathers, your neighbor…its a bigger problem than I thought.


School stuff: Its over!! Summer session starts soon!!!


Picture to share:

108The cupcakes we are serving at the bbq. Spice cake with strawberry frosting and chocolate cake with raspberry frosting. These are the strawberry frosting practice cupcakes. They were delicious!!!


Have a blessed day my friend!!


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