Getting Ready for Graduation Celebration

Rebecca and I have been really busy getting ready for

Aimee’s High School graduation.

We have been planning for months how to do this on a budget

but classy.

Here are some of the things we have been working on.

We went shopping at the local vintage store and bought 2 punch bowl with cups.

Forgive the big red box behind them. This is just what I brought them home in.

057 058

They were $12 each set but for some reason one set was on sale for 50% off!


I have some white linen for the tables we rented.

To rent linen it is $8 a table.

I found this one for just under $7 and I can keep it or toss it and it is still cheaper than renting.


We found this beautiful glass plate for $2.


Dollar tree had this candle stick for $1.


Glued them together and I have a beautiful cake stand for $3.

Much better than the $30 ones I have been looking at!!

063We looked at party bunting at Etsy.

Oh they have such pretty stuff there!

I found some that were pretty but the wrong colors,

and way to expensive.

They wanted $31.75 a banner.

 Rebecca and I made our own.

075$5 for the paper pack,$2.49 for 8x 11 sheets of paper, $6 for stickers (four rhinestone number stickers), $2 for the ribbon, $2 for the lace, $2 for the flowers (with my 40% off coupon) comes to at total of $19.49 for 3 custom banners!!!

We started out cutting all the paper pieces and lining them up.

073 074

Then sewed them on to the ribbon.076 077

Before you knew it we had a garland of triangles!078 079Now to add the embellishments.

086 088 I am liking this!

Okay here is the big banner for our centerpiece.

080Rebecca made this one all by herself.

She is amazing!

Now that our banner is done we had to work on the centerpiece.

Found this one at one of our favorite shops.

Treasures and Junk!

It does not look like much now but it will.

090 094 095The girls are painting this a beautiful cream.

Okay pictures are done. Put your masks back on!!

Can’t wait to see the finished product!!


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