Morning Friend


Today is: Friday

Outside is: foggy and drizzling. I actually really like it!!

I can smell: the dampness in the air.

In the oven for dinner: I am planning on making what I call “root dish”. I take out my good old pyrex and fill it with inch size cuts of carrots, potatoes, onions and bell peppers. Then I take olive oil and drizzle it over the tops. Next I season the veggies with salt, pepper, paprika and garlic powder all to taste. Then I put my clean hands in there and massage it all up so that every little veggie has some seasoning and oil on it. Cover them up with foil and let them take a nap in my oven at 350 for about 45 minutes. Oh my gosh the house smells sooooooo good when they are almost done!! Yummy!! Then I will serve that up with a little bit of sausage and voila! Hardly any dishes and a delicious meal!!

What I have been thinking about: wow, so much. I have been thinking about this past week. My husband, my marriage, my kids, home schooling (am I teaching them enough), ministry, college for the oldest, crazy stuff in the world… it just has been a week of ADD in my brain!! One of the biggest ones though this week is the fact that my children are being tested at school this week. Yes they are home schooled. Through the school that we home school through they require that the kids are tested every year just to see where they are at. It is just to make sure, kind of, that the parents are not just putting their little sweeties in front of the tv and saying “watch PBS and you will learn something”. Also it is supposed to help us parents know where our kiddos are at. That would be great if we knew what was on the test before so we could teach them that information. We all use our own curriculum from various sources that are not all the same. We all tend to try to find what our kids are in to and try to educate them with those ideas in mind. For example, my daughter loves baking. I then tell her that she is going to be working on research reports and her topic will be gluten free cookies. So now she looks up information on the internet, in books and her dad finds her a local gluten free  bakery that will allow her to come and watch them make gluten free merange cookies. We bring some home. She does her report. She tries to make them herself. Now not only has my daughter learned how to write a research report but it is a life lesson as well. How do you test a child on paper about all that she learned doing this?  This is why I get nervous with testing. I know how much she learned doing this kind of learning, but will it show up on the stupid pigeon hole test she has to take? If her score is not “up there” will she still feel she did well this year? Well, I know she will pass on “how” to write a paper and the grammar part. This kind of stuff has really been filling up my mind this week.

The project I have been working on: Actually I had the two older kiddos working on their home school testimonies.  I was impressed with what they wrote. I will ask them if I can post what they have given me. It was really good.

My mood today: I am a bit deflated. I know that my daughter is graduating and she is not excited about it at all. She is not wanting any of the celebration that comes with it. She is just wanting to spend it with us. That part is fine with me. I thought my whole graduation was stupid. I did it. I did not even get to do my hair the way I wanted to. I had to go in a style my mother chose. I hated it. I looked stupid and did not want to be there. I was embarrassed. I did not want the party after. I did not want to spend time with family that did not really care about me. Where were they while I was growing up? Did they ever come over and do stuff with me? Did they ever call and just want to chit chat? Did they know anything about me at all? Did they know I did not live with my mom? No. They just came out of family duty. I got luggage ( I have still only used twice) and a couple  checks. I thought the whole thing was retarded. So I understand where my daughter is coming from. She has the same opinion. I think it is important to my husband though…how do I get her to see that? How do I get her to see that sometimes we do things for others. I did. I did the whole graduation thing for my mom, not for me. Maybe this is something that she should do for her dad. So I am deflated I guess for my husband, because I want this for him. I know he is proud of her and wants to show off that she had graduated! She is entering into the world now. He wants to celebrate BIG for her, his first baby. She can’t see that. I will continue to try to show her that it may be an amazing thing to share with her dad…a moment of pride.

What I am reading: Well I finished that book Vietnam: I Pledge Allegiance that I was reading with Michael Jr. I am still trying to finish Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman’s Soul and Desecration: Left Behind Series #9. I am reading my one year bible every day. I love to read but have not been finding the time this week to just sit down and read.

School stuff: Oh I am so stoked!! Where the kiddos go for testing, there is a used curriculum sale. I just got my main curriculum for Belle for $10 yesterday!!! It is the MFW 1st grade I love My Father’s World. It is just really expensive. I watch ebay and go to the used curriculum sites for the books. This book that I got yesterday is $99 used. I got it for $10!!!!! It is in great shape too!! I am so excited!! I left it out on the counter all day just so I could walk past and do the happy dance when I passed it!!! Whoo hoo!!

Our Bible Verse this Week: ” And He ordered us to preach to the people, and solemnly to testify that this is the One who has been appointed by God as Judge of the living and the dead.” Acts 10:42

Picture to share:

donations to habitat 222(I am doing the happy dance over here!!)

Have a blessed weekend friend!


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