What We are Up to This Week!


I found this picture on facebook and have no idea who first posted it but it is great!!



I so did not promote this as much as I should have with my older 2 and I am trying to redeem myself doing this more with my younger2!!!

Started with Palm Sunday church service that was amazing!!

We came home and had a relaxing but great day together.

Ended it by watching “The Bible” together…then off to bed.



Now I am ready to get this week of Praising the Lord going!!!

This week we are making our resurrection gardens,

resurrection cake,

resurrection planting (great idea from my oldest)

and our “He is Risen” banner.


He is not here; for He is risen, as He said.

Matthew 28:6


Got our dinners all planned out:

Turkey and mashed potatoes

Sloppy Joe’s and homemade fries

Tuna and salad

Lasagna and salad

Homemade Mac and Cheese with fruit salad

Spaghetti and salad

Easter Surprise night



I am so ready for this week!!!

Whoo hooo!!

Let’s go!!



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