We Decided


Our son is a Naval Sea Cadet!


Have no idea how I found this group.

Apparently they have been around since 1958!! There are over 22,000 in the Southern part of our state!!

It is just like NJROTC only not every day!!

You do the bookwork at home and practice as a group on weekends.

Best part for me is that the private school price is not attached to this group!!

EXACTLY THE SAME in all the other areas though!!


He will get just as much credit as the ROTC guys!! If he chooses to join the Navy at 18 then he will enter at a higher pay grade of E-3 and can be a Chief Petty Officer!! If he chooses the Marines he can be E-2 pay grade!!

So excited!!!

He is working his way to bootcamp this summer. He has to complete 15 assignments before  you can go and he is half way through 10 as of right now!!

He is also going to flag ship this summer!! That means competitions in knot tying, firefighting, line heaving, marksmanship, first aid, navigation, ect..

They work him hard and expect 110% effort in everything.


This is him when he comes home on Sundays now…


He really is my little MAN now!!


2 thoughts on “We Decided

    • I am so glad you found them!! I know your son will love it!! It truly changes them from boys into young men. Sea Cadets have been amazing for my son! He is now a Petty Officer! Enjoy your Sea Cadet Journey!!

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