In the soft glow of the girls bedroom night light, I go in to bless my children while they sleep.

I pray over them words of love, encouragement, safety and grace.

My little one has her blanket scrunched up at the bottom of her bed. It is a mini mountain of softness down there. Since there is a chill in the room, I cautiously tug  up her bedding to cover her in soft warmth. As I cocoon her in for continued slumber, her eyes drowsily open and search for me in their slumber. It is obvious that there is uneasiness in her awakening. She searches for me with her tired eyes.

I am right there.

I am kneeling at the side of her bed.  I place my hand on her back and tell her,

“I love you”.

She nods her little sleepy head and leans back into her dreams.

I stay there with  my hand on her back and pray.

Thank you God for these moments.

I want to always have comfort in you, the same way that my daughter felt the unease of the moment and was in such comfort from a simple whisper filled with truth. I want my husband to always feel that comfort. I want my children to feel that comfort. I want my friends, church, pastor, EVERYONE to always feel that comfort.

The Holy Spirit is that whisper. Your words Father, into my heart.

Comfort that has no boundaries.

A continued “I love you. You are Mine. I am here with you” from the Lord is precious to me…my comfort.

What a blessing to know how much you are loved. To know that someone is there watching over you. To know that you mean something to someone, no matter what you have done, you are important. You are worthy.

A small sleepy child in my house knows this.

I pray that your heart is filled with the knowledge that someone incredibly awesome feels that way about you too.

God loves us all that much.

My heart is open to you Lord.  Please continue to bless me with that comfort.


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