Another Year Older

046Yes I am now 42.

I do not know what that means other than I have 42 years of experience at being me.

 My husband and kiddos were great though with making this day special.


Our family tradition of decorating while the birthday person is sleeping.

045They put up little homemade pictures and old photos on the wall.


My love got me flowers.

He knows I love daisies.


Kiddos had little gifts for me too.

 I am such a lucky momma.

052Look at all my cards!!

My Aunt sent me $25 coffee gift card in the one from her!! She loves me!!

The homemade ones are absolutely  my favorites though!!

I was blessed with birthday wishes from so many friends on facebook too!

My favorite one was from my eldest…

Happy birthday to my beautiful mother! You are my favorite person in the entire world and I’d be completely lost without you. You are, without a doubt, the coolest person I know. You’re always there when I need you, without fail. You encourage me to do things I normally wouldn’t. You go out of your way to make sure I never miss out on any opportunities. You put up with my odd personality all time and I’ll never understand how you do. You are the most amazing, kindest, loving, strong, and all around good person I know. You’ve been through so much and you still manage to keep your head high. You’re so selfless and giving and I’m so proud to call you my mom. Thank you for always being you. I love you and I adore you. Happy birthday!

How beautiful!

I will cherish that gift forever!


She then gave me, to add to my collection,

057…this beautiful cross.


My son knows I have a sweet tooth, so this is what he got me…

058Good choice son!

He is so funny, he knows I love these candies so he bought me the biggest bag he could find!


My Becca, she is such the perfect homemaker. She is creative, funny, beautiful, she can cook, bake,bead, sew,craft, has the kindest heart in the world.

Her gift was…

048…this amazing cherry upside down cake!

This was a  pre-flip shot so you could tell how gorgeous the cake was. It was just ooozing cherries down the sides!!

It was so chocolatey and filled with cherries too!

It was insanely delicious!

Perfect choice!!

She also made me this…

053…a family scrapbook.

Isn’t that just such a thoughtful gift?

So much time involved and planning and it turned out absolutely perfect.

She started it with so many wonderful pictures!

056She is just amazing!

Belle did not forget my birthday either.

She was so cute with a little count down everyday for a week , to let me know how many days were left before my birthday!

She gave me so many sweet little pictures all day long to let me know she loves me!

She had Daddy take her out shopping so that she could get me…


She always knows exactly what she wants to get for people and this was special for me.

She remembered that at the tea we went to I had loved the brownie bites covered in chocolate.

How precious!

My family is amazing and special! I love and appreciate every little thing they did to make my birthday a day that I would cherish. I know they love me. I know they know just how much I love them too. They are my earthly treasures.

We ended the day with a movie, pizza for the kids and Panda Express for momma and daddy!

051I got the movie the Christmas Angel. I wanted that and The Mark. That particular movie is never available! I am still on the waiting list!! Praise God Christian movies are doing that well!!

I did get the New Testament audio version to have playing throughout the day too!

I actually went out to Family Christian Center to pick it up on my birthday with the 50% off coupon they sent me. It ended up being on some random sale just for that day 75% off!! I know!! I still have my coupon as a bonus!!

Happy birthday to me!!


Honestly, I do feel so blessed. I have an amazing husband, wonderful children, an adorable Aunt,  good friends, a biblical church, a home, my list goes on and on. I know these are all gifts from the Lord and I am truly grateful. Thank You God for loving and guiding me, especially these last few years. May I serve You well in as many days as You see fit to bestow upon me.


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