Morning Friend

Today is: Wednesday

Outside is: it is cold and clear outside. It is going to be beautiful.

I can smell: my coffee and the pretty flowers my husband brought me yesterday.

What I am reading: Obviously my Bible but also a book called Captivating. It is really good. It is a book all women should read. It is about beauty, true beauty and so much more.

For dinner tonight: homemade burritos. I have the beans on the stove right now. I will add some cheese and BAM! Easy dinner for a busy day, done!! Oh yeah, and rice for a side.

What I am feeling: Loved by my family and friends. My daughter wrote me the sweetest note on facebook…on my page, not just a message. It is so sweet. I cried at the love she shared that she has for me. She is so incredibly wonderful. My middle daughter made so many plans to make my day amazing yesterday. She made me a chocolate cherry upside down cake!  She has such a giving heart. She is a blessing. My youngest daughter drew me pictures and bought me brownies. She is so cute!! My son was well behaved and bought me my favorite candy. My husband took us all out for dinner and bought me flowers. My friends showered me with such amazing compliments and blessings. It was a birthday that was special. I feel loved.

What I am making: I just bought some material to make a new skirt. We will see how that turns out. It is really pretty but that means I will have to make some kind of top to go with it too!! If I have enough left over fabric I think I will make some pretty dish towels…hmmm? I am getting the crafty bug!!

School stuff: We are studying Margret Sanger and her reasons for doing what she did to promote birth control and abortion. Had nothing to do with women’s rights pretty much just to get rid of  the part of the population that she felt was unacceptable. Hitler in a skirt and sneaky.  I had the kids watch Birth Control: Where do we go from here? the dvd. I think it was good for them to hear this information from many sources. Do I hear reports? Oh yes I do!!

Our Bible verse this week: Give thanks to the Lord for He is good…His love endures forever! Psalm 136:1

Picture to share:


Have a blessed day friend!


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