UCR MESA Engineering Night 2013

I am so lucky to have friends that work at our local university.

They told us about this event last year but we could not make it.

This year we did.

It was their 4th annual MESA Engineering Night. It was to bring elementary, middle school students and their families to the Bourns College of Engineering to showcase the field of engineering. Through interactive displays, hands on exhibits and competitions the kids got a true appreciation for engineering and how fun it  can be!

It was outside and freezing but so worth it!!

026I know this looks like a ball, but actually the college kids had dry ice that was pumping out the cold air through a tube that they had dipped in dish detergent. The air would form these little “balls” that would then fall and the kids would try to touch.

027Neat huh?

Yup the kids loved it!!

029This was a cute table too.

Here the boys put together oobleck.

You know the corn starch and water mixture that is a solid and a liquid.

030031The boys here put some of the mixture on a speaker so it would dance to the music.

They showed the kids how it would dance to the music. It would bounce in the air as a solid but then as soon as it hit the speaker again it would become a liquid.

Then at the next table, the girls made a type of quick sand.

032I love that the girls gave out gloves to wear for their experiment, because it was messy!!

035You know that is why Belle loved it!!

Here was her favorite station to visit though…

042The kids were given 3 marshmallows and a ton of dry spaghetti noodles to see how big of a creation they could make.

The biggest creation would win a paper airplane.

So this was for fun not the prize.

We have done this at home, but never with heavy big marshmallows and spaghetti!

All the kids loved this!

045 041Here she is with some of her friends trying different creations.

047Rebecca helped our other friend with hers :)

046Belle was such the smarty that she broke one marshmallow apart to hide some of it in her mouth!!

Silly girl!!

It was a great night! It was even better because we got to share it with friends. The only sad thing was the friend who told us about the night got snowed in at her home and could not share it with the rest of us!! We missed  you Marie!!

Oh and at the end there was a raffle  and Rebecca won the last gift!!

053Our forever memory of the night!


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