My husband and I are talking about putting our son into an NJROTC program.

Okay, honestly it is more that I think he should be in one.

I know we have at our local high school a program…. hmmmm.

I know my son is really into the military, so it is not like I am choosing this to punish him. He would be around other kids who have the same interests as him. It really is great for discipline, respect, responsibility, patriotism, leadership, physical fitness and preps you for actual duty. Actually I used to go to a school that was NJROTC so maybe I am a bit prejudiced as to the benefits of attending.

Really this program sounds perfect for our  son. The problem is that you usually have to attend the school that is providing the NJROTC program. This means public school. There is one private school that is offering NJROTC program (the school that I went to) and we are looking at $700 a month. Ouch.

I admit it. I think kids in the military uniform look sharp. They make me smile when they march in formation. I enjoy watching the drill teams. I love the pride of the color guard. I really think ROTC programs are good.

$700 a month though?? We are a single income family that homeschools. We are on a budget as it is. $700 is more than huge to us. No Boy Scouts is not the same thing. I am not putting him in that organization. It is fine for some boys but not mine.

I  will be praying about this.


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