Starting Our Valentines

Starting our valentine projects…


018…it is time for their creativity to be unleashed!

019 022 024It is the younger kiddos that really enjoy the gift of giving little happy notes to others.

023We  are making little notes to take to a local senior citizen home.

We are getting together with some friends and sharing love with others who might be forgotten.

They are going to bake some goodies, sing some songs and share some friendship notes with these local seniors.

We were going to buy some boxed valentines, just to save time, but I thought at $3.99 a box of 24 pre made tiny notes I knew we could do better! Ours would be more heart felt and old school!  The 4 boxes we were going to buy would have been  $16. I bought 3 different construction paper colors at $1.89 a piece and a package of hearts for $2.99.  I found leftover stickers, pulled out markers, scissors, glitter and glue to complete the creativity table.

This is so much better than watching television together!

020 015

I think these will be appreciated more by the seniors too.

These are the kinds of valentines I keep forever!

Great job kiddos!!


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