Prayer Journal…

I keep a prayer journal.


It is something I only started doing maybe a year ago.


It is actually really neat!

I am such an advocate for them now.

I have always been the type that as soon as you ask me to pray for you I will.

I read through my facebook and see who needs prayer and pray for them right then on the spot.

If I run into you at a park day I will pray with you either right then and there or as soon as I get to my car with the kids.

One reason is that I don’t want to forget. I don’t want to put it off and then realize that I should have prayed for a surgery that someone was about to go into an hour ago and that now it is over by 6 hours.


So I pray right away first :)

Next comes my prayer journal.

I actually sit down and pray as the words I am writing are going down on the paper.

I have been so blessed doing this.


Some prayers I have heard answers as I was writing them. Those are such a blessing to me. I know that the other person may have something they are working on and that now I might have a better direction to pray for them. I realize to that the person needs to find the answers themselves but it is nice to be able to be sending them more Godly encouragement on their journey.


I love praying for pregnant mothers too! The little heart beating in the womb, so close to God. I pray for health for both, amazing bonding and times of preparation to be blessed.  This is a special time I believe for mothers to grow with God. How can you not feel His amazing love and power with such a young and innocent little life clinging to you for 40 weeks? As a mother you are part of a miracle, what a blessing that is!!


I have been so privileged to pray for some with broken hearts to see that God had such an amazing plan already set up for them. Often the plan was thousands of times more wonderful than we as simple humans could have ever conceived ourselves!!


Then there are still the hearts I have put in my journal  that just seem stuck in their heartbreak.

Their lesson obviously is more.

Praying they find their path.


I journal for the lost in my family.

Wow there are so many that feel just because they hold a bible, know what one is or have read it that they are saved.

I pray that they find the Lord in their hearts and the fire of knowing Him consumes them.

That is one of my biggest journal entries!


The biggest blessing to the journal is that with all my prayers written down, I can go back and see how many prayers have been answered. Prayers sometimes I forgot about or prayers that I prayed one way and the outcome was outrageously better!!

Small prayers of comfort to large life changing prayers I have been so blessed to be a part of  changing peoples lives!

What an honor!


Recently I had sent out a post to friends saying that I was starting a new prayer journal and that if there was anything anyone would like me to pray for them they could message me and I would add them to my journal.

I was so touched by how many of my friends sent me messages with requests for prayers for themselves and their family situations.

It took me hours to get most of them in there!!

Love it!!


Now, because I have actually had a few friends ask me how a prayer journal works I thought I might jot down  a little about how mine works… for me.   I am not quite sure how other people do their journals but this is what I do… I write out my prayers in a journal adding everyone’s requests plus my own. Then as I do my morning prayers I go through my journal list and pray specifically for each request I have in there. Then every few days I write them out again and as the Spirit leads I add to each request and that His will be done. When I find that the prayers are being answered one way or another I give thanks and ask then for additional guidance for the person in that situation. I guess I just do it as traditional journaling…just in prayer.


If this is something you do, then you are such a blessing to others, truly.

If not, do not feel pressure to start.

This is just something I, and probably others feel called to do.

It helps me focus my prayers in a physical way too.

Finally, if this was something you were curious about, I hope I gave just a bit of a glimpse as to how prayer journals have blessed me.


Have the most blessed day friend!


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