Still Here :)

Life…gets away from me sometimes.

We have been so busy homeschooling and such this year that I have not had the time I have wanted to blog. We have been growing so much in our travels with the Lord too  that there has been much I wanted to share but have not felt that it was the right time or the freedom to post the changes we have been going through. Praise Jesus they have been wonderful though!!

I can say that our family is so much stronger and tighter as a unit then we have ever been!! So Yay!!

One great thing is that the kiddos have started what I call “Life Lessons”. These are not the typical homeschool life lessons. These are geared to the areas that my kids hearts are.  We are treating them as mini home-based “businesses”.


Becca enjoys jewelry making.


She started making jewelry and selling it at this little boutique in our area.

All the money she made she sent to a little girl named Daisy, who is dying of cancer.

She wanted Daisy to have money for herself at CHRISTmas to spend on gifts for her family.

She called her business Fabulous in Heart,

which is exactly what Becca is!!

Here is the little girls website who Becca sent her money to:

Daisy is not doing well by the way and your prayers for her would be greatly received.

The goal was not to make money for Becca. It was to bless someone else and if even no money was given, that awareness of someones plight would be out there for others to help out with if only in prayer.

Another thing that we have been working on is serving the Lord through sidewalk council.

We started going with some friends which made it easier.

My friend Rachele is the best at this!!

She is my inspiration.

(my pictures of us will not upload for some reason.)

We have welcomed babies into our friends hearts

and bid goodbye to other friends babies.

We reconnected with friends from the past

and hung out with the friends we have.

We went CHRISTmas caroling!!

We sent orphans gifts.

We made Operation Christmas Child boxes.

Belle and I joined MOPS. Aimee and Becca do service hours there.

My husband and I took Bible classes together.

Most important,

we have been together, growing in faith.


We are still here!


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